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This Privacy Policy aims at informing on practices related to the collection and use of information provided in this website. Please, read its full content before accessing the pages or providing information.


Whenever you provide information using this website, you will be agreeing with the terms hereof.

Acquisition of information

This website collects information from its visitors, not only making specific questions, but also allowing the communication through email and forms.

Use and disclosure of information

CSC Administradora Ltda (Vexia) does not commercialize or share personal information provided by the visitors of this website. In situations where third parties will provide services to the company, the fulfillment of the provisions in this Privacy Policy will be required. The personal information provided by the visitors may be disclosed only under legal enforcement or judicial determination.

Connection with other websites

For informational purposes only, this website may contain links and connections with other ites, to which this Privacy Policy does not apply. We recommend integral reading of the Privacy Policy of these websites before providing personal information to them.

Remittance of emails

CSC Administradora Ltda (Vexia) does not agree or practices the remittance of undesired emails (spam). The information considered relevant and of your interest will be remitted to your email, provided that they are authorized during the contact with us.


Esta Política de Privacidade poderá ser atualizada a qualquer momento. Sendo assim, recomendamos o acesso periódico a esta página.